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Welcome to the Homepage of "Kodokai".



(Ikken ten ni yotte susamaji)

“The sword soars alone into the sky.”

Calligraphy by Kodokai’s primary grand master Chutaro OGAWA (1901- 1992)

Would you like to try traditional Kendo and strive toward an understanding of the innermost secret “Ken-Zen-Ichimi” (Sword and Zen as One)? Or, experience the notion “One-sword technique multiplies into a million manipulations, and all techniques ascribe to the original one technique of Kiri-otoshi”?


“Kodokai” is a Unique Dojo Studio

You too can seek the mind of the swordsman.


Kodokai was founded in 1956 as an affiliate of NINGEN-ZEN, a religious corporation stemming from the Enkaku-ji Temple (Rinzai-Zen) in Kamakura, to give people of all ages an opportunity to practice Kendo and the basic Zen Meditation method of “Susokukan” (i.e. breath-counting and self-observation).

Kodokai’s Kendo is characterized by the practice of Kumitachi (prescribed forms) of the Onoha-Itto-ryu school of classical swordsmanship and the Hojo forms of the Jikishinkage-ryu school. Both these schools of swordsmanship originated in the Muromachi period (1336-1568). We also practice modern Kendo using Shinai (bamboo swords) and Bogu (protective equipment). 


Each training session Kodokai members chant the following 3 teachings as the ultimate goal of exercising Ken-Zen-Ichimi, and 5 commandments for the character building in the daily life:


1)  We should live honorably.

2)  We should live happily.

3)  We should live harmoniously.

<Five Commandments >

1) Do not tell lies.

2)  Do not be lazy.

3)  Do not leave things unfinished.

4)  Do not be selfish.

5)  Do not bother others.

The key point of our Kendo is spiritual training mindful of “Sammai” (transcendental concentration) premised on the idea that the bamboo or wooden practice swords are live blades. We do not place emphasis on winning matches or acquiring ranks. Serious practice with intense mental concentration is what we consider important. This enhances our ability to control our behavior during challenging times during our daily lives.  


Please come along if you are interested in this kind of Kendo and the Zen practice. Everybody is welcome irrespective of age, gender, or previous Kendo experience.

Please feel free to contact us at

We are happy to arrange a time for inspection or a trial practice in English.


We are looking forward to meeting you!

Main practice schedule:
18:30-20:30 Wednesday 
07:00-09:00 Saturday
08:00-12:00 Sunday 

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